Product Update: Summer 2017 (v1.27)


New Features and Enhancements


Fields Added to Dashboards and Blast Email: Three new fields have been added to PensionPro to better manage tasks and projects. The Follow-up Date gives you the option to add a date that will help them better manage their schedule during the most hectic times of the year. The Task Status and Task Category are both completely customizable fields that can be used for organization and live data management.  Use the fields to launch new projects or send reminder emails to collect missing data.

Power Tools: Power Tools in PensionPro are a huge asset when adding or updating a variety of information.  The Client Field Update Power Tool allows you to change the Location, Status or Category for all your clients when reshuffling assignments or changing the status.  The Investment Provider Power Tool allows you to maintain the important items for Fee Disclosure and 1099 responsibility.  The Services Provided Power Tool allows you to not only customize what services you provided, but also track and bill each of the valuable services for your clients.  If you haven’t compiled the services you provide in one place, our Services Provided Import Tool is a great way to streamline the loading of this valuable information for all your Plans.

Relationship Tab Available to All Tiers: A large part of any business is the relationship with each client. The more you can personalize any interaction, the more valued your clients and contacts feel. The Relationships tab does just that. It allows you to capture valuable information like birthdays and sports teams to provide insight into your valuable relationships when reaching out to a client on a phone call or blast email. Navigation Assistance: Nothing is more important than being able to quickly access information about your Clients. PensionPro makes this easy with Navigation Assistance. With just a click of a button you are linked to the Wolters Kluwer website and the corresponding page for their Clients, Plans, Plan Documents, Compliance, and 5500 Forms.


Three new great features have been added to our already user-friendly portal to make it even easier for your Plan Sponsors to use:

Census Import Column Mapping: Plan Sponsors can now use their own census spreadsheets as the source for importing information into for a completely electronic employee census process. The Plan Sponsor can simply map the columns in their existing spreadsheet to the matching columns you configured in PensionPro for display on

Employee Census Import Formula Check: Another way we simplify the census collection process is to recognize when a Plan Sponsor has left a formula in their spreadsheet. Many TPA’s clients become frustrated when a census does not import, but with PensionPro and Plansponsorlink we manage that process and make it easier for your Plan Sponsor to take advantage of your website.

PSL Usability Enhancements:  As more information is delivered via the web, it becomes critical that data is displayed in a way that makes it easier for Plan Sponsors to view and access. By having two different methods that the Plan Sponsor can view the information, PensionPro helps your client access and view information in a clear, concise way. Whether they choose to Group or Search, your Plan Sponsor clients are in control of the information that you have posted on your PlanSponsorLink website.

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