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PensionPro offers webinars and events to boost your PensionPro skills and learn about our latest updates and features. We are also frequent sponsors and speakers at pension industry events and user group meetings. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest news and events.

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Winning business requires two things: good leads and follow up. Though the principal is basic, it can be easier said than done. Many TPAs struggle with the sales process. Rich Searle, chief executive officer of Atteberry/Searle in Sacramento, increased his close rate by 25% with one simple step.


PensionPro is exhibiting at the 2018 ASPPA Annual Conference and we've got big news to share. Last year we rolled out Track for free, and this year, we've got some new features that could revolutionize the way you work. Whether you're a current client, or an interested bystander, we've got something for you! Stop by and see us at Booth 118 for a first look at PensionPro's latest and greatest.


Ask any business owner to choose what’s more important; existing client retention or new sales, and you’ll find the answer is both. Sales and retention are equally important. Of course, sales teams will argue that new business is more important, and operations teams will argue that retention is key. So, which is it?


PensionPro Training is offered both in-house and online. The 2018 P2P Training Calendar is now open.