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PensionPro of the Month

November 2017

Data security keeps most business owners up at night. Jan Davis sleeps better than most. President and owner of Noble-Davis Consulting, a TPA and record-keeping firm, Davis proactively attacks risk. “We are committed to safeguarding our plan participants’ and sponsors’ sensitive information.” One tool has proven to be key. 


The Business Management Conference is open to NIPA members, and serves to unite some of the TPA industry's most successful owners and executives under one roof.


As a TPA, you know that shortly 92% of all plans that file with the DOL will transmit highly sensitive data to an administrative or actuarial service organization. the information that continuously changes hands in the next few months will represent the personally identifiable information, or PII, in approximately 300 million data records. Does this represent a significant opportunity for a data breach? YES. Can you trust your employees with the secure handling of PII?


PensionPro consulting is your firm's opportunity to get personalized training without leaving your office.