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    This month’s PROspectives post is about all things PlanSponsorLink!

    Need to communicate information to all your Plan Sponsors at one time?

    PlanSponsorLink’s Industry Bulletins tab is just what you need! Providing general information, updates about your firm, events, customer surveys, etc. has never been easier. Simply upload your document under Communications > Bulletins, and it will appear on the Industry Bulletins tab on PlanSponsorLink for all Plan Sponsors.

    Pro Tip: Make sure Show Bulletins Tab is enabled in PlanSponsorLink Preferences.

    Concerned about security when sharing files?

    Secure File Exchange will put you at ease! It transmits files using HTTPS (the newest secure standard for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, used to encrypt and send data between a web browser and a website) and TLS (Transport Layer Security, a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security over a computer network). This is combined with strict login authentication and message expiration dates, creating an ideal environment for you to send and receive files securely.

    Looking for a more permanent method of sharing files & documents?

    Plan and Project Files may be uploaded to PlanSponsorLink to be viewed and downloaded by your plan contacts. This gives contacts the ability to access plan documents whenever they would like. Plan sponsors can also upload files directly to a Plan, Project, or Plan Cycle within PlanSponsorLink, given that they have the appropriate Security Rights. This functionality is available in the following areas: Documents tab, Projects and Distributions tabs, and Annual Data Collections.

    Please keep the following in mind:

    1. A file posted to PSL will be available in the Plan Sponsor’s My Active Tasks tab until they download it for the first time. Once downloaded, the file will disappear from My Active Tasks, but will remain available on the Plan Sponsor’s Documents tab.
    2. If you would like to quickly notify your Plan Sponsor that you’ve added a new file, setting Document Email Use to Yes in PensionPro Preferences will open an email draft in your default mail application if you save the file after marking it to be shown on PSL.

    Requesting data from your client?

    When you need to retrieve data from your Plan Sponsors, Web Collection through PlanSponsorLink is your go-to tool! By enabling Web Collection for your Projects, your plan contacts can sign in to PlanSponsorLink to complete Annual Administration Census and Questionnaire information, submit General Web Collection items, and approve Distributions.

    Utilizing PlanSponsorLink is the key to communicating general information or sharing any protected data/information securely with your Plan Sponsors!


    James Drennen, Jr.

    Software Support Specialist