Solution Comparison

PensionPro supports TPA firms of all sizes! With our solutions, Track, Team and Business, you can pick the one that suits your firm’s needs and add on the bells and whistles as you grow.


Not quite sure you’ll use all of the awesome features below? Start with Trackuse Team as a stepping stone and move up to Business as you grow. Pick the solution that fits your needs!

Features Track Team Business
Client, Plan and Contacts - Store and maintain your client data YES YES YES
Plan Cycle Milestone Dashboard -  Track your milestones and deadlines YES YES YES
Standard Reporting - Access your data with 50+ reports YES YES YES
Time Tracking - Track profitability and productivity   YES YES
PensionPro Mobile - Access your PensionPro data on your mobile device   YES YES Integration - Forms, Compliance and Documents Software    YES YES
Blast Email - Send targeted emails to client and prospects   YES YES
Fee Schedules - Customizable fee schedules   YES YES
To-Dos - Don’t forget to make a phone call or schedule a meeting again   YES YES
File Storage - Store important files for for easy access and sharing with clients   YES YES
Document Specifications - Store your document specs for easy access   YES YES
Communication Lists - Group your contacts for easy blast emailing   YES YES
API - Connect your data to our system from nearly anything     YES
Workflow - Set-up projects and tasks that flow between employees     YES
Project Dashboards - See what needs to be done at-a-glance     YES
Worktrays - Assign work to teams within your office     YES
Distribution Tracking - Automate distributions and export data for easy 1099 prep     YES
Custom Reporting - Control the data in your reports
Interactions - Log phone calls, meetings and emails for your contacts

The Details

Our software products are complete business management software solutions combining our powerful desktop “heads-up” interface and a robust, secure, cloud-based data storage component. We developed our software interface around how TPA offices operate so tracking client projects can be greatly simplified and more efficient. Our solutions enable staff and clients to share important documents and information, removing much of the friction from the process that typically gets us bogged down with phone calls and e-mails.

Dashboards and Worktrays make task management easy

Our customizable user Dashboards and Worktrays allow you and your staff to work on tasks and organize them in the way that best suits your firm. Users can group, sort and filter the tasks that appear on their Dashboards and the Worktrays that they have access to. Our customizable search function to locate Client, Plan and Contact information as well as Projects and Distributions puts all information at your fingertips.  

Our workflow software is a culmination of best practices and tools developed within Renée Conner’s own successful TPA firm packaged in a desktop/cloud-based software solution that puts those tools in the hands of every TPA.

Predefined templates for common projects get you up to speed quickly

Our software was designed as the central hub for a TPA team. Manage operations using predefined templates that can be used to quickly create projects for each of your plans. Whether detailing the steps of administration projects or the installation of a new client into your firm, templates are ready to use to start your staff on the path of greater efficiency and productivity. Templates are ready to go for annual administration, distributions, loans, and other TPA processes. Need a little extra guidance in getting started? We have a solution for that too. Check out our consulting services.    

In addition, the application will allow you to monitor the flow of work through your office, track time associated with your services, reassign tasks to keep the work flowing and run reports to analyze your progress and profitability.

You can now easily keep track of your clients and plans using any of our product offerings. You can store and manage all of your contact information including client contacts, financial advisors, auditors, accountants and other referral sources. Those same contacts have access to based on the security roles you provide.

Reporting on Projects and extracting data

We provide over 50 Standard Reports for you to run. You can filter the data that is displayed on the report by choosing from dropdowns based on the data you entered when customizing our List Values. You can also save the filters for each report by user so that the next time you open the report you can reload them. All reports can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF, CSV and XML for use by other applications or further analysis.

Easily handle the tracking of filing deadlines

You can use the customized projects you create to display filing deadline tasks on user Dashboards, in Worktrays, on Standard Reports and in Fetch queries. You and your staff have complete control of tracking and completing tasks in the projects you create. Click on the screenshots below to see how easy it is to track your filing deadlines.  

Add on and take advantage of custom data and document collection. Because our workflow solutions and are truly integrated, all of the data shared via is automatically available and stored in our workflow solutions for easy access. Learn more about Year-end data collection has never been easier!



  • Installer size: approximately 10 to 15 MB
  • Installed footprint size: approximately 70 to 80 MB
  • Installation Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\PensionPro Software\PensionPro WorkFlow
  • Communication to Workflow Service: Https encrypted with 128-bit SSL certificate


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Modern Broadband Internet Connection

Runs on:

  • The application is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows
  • Will run in Terminal Services and Citrix environments.