Our intuitive sales dashboard tracks prospects and proposals in real-time. Track phone calls and emails, create targeted email blasts, and more. Know who’s influencing your business and empower your sales team. SalesPitch connects seamlessly with PensionPro via the one-step conversion tool to turn a proposal into plan.


Keeping an up-to-date list of prospects is critical to the success of a sales team. Add prospects via the mass import tool, create communication lists by contact type, monitor marketing campaigns and website leads by utilizing SalesPitch.


Automate your sales tracking from start to finish, allowing your sales team to concentrate on the sale. Store all relevant proposal data so sales move along smoothly and efficiently while making sure your pipeline stays full.

Influencers Dashboard

Who are the people that are helping to build your business? What if there was a system that would calculate that for you and would let you know how long it has been since you’ve contacted them? There is, and SalesPitch can do all the work for you. Keep an eye on those that are bringing clients to you, and make it a point to make sure those interactions are staying current. Great relationships mean everything, both with clients and referrals. Let PensionPro help you to maintain those relationships more efficiently.

Import Tool

With the use of the SalesPitch import tool, you can populate your system with all of your proposals, both active and inactive. In an industry that often sees potential business resurface, store all of your records in the system for ease of access. By fully populating the sales module, you can not only keep track of your current proposals and prospects, but also do outreach to previously lost proposals with a few clicks of a button using the blast email tool.


Success is only celebrated if it is clearly defined. Use SalesPitch reports to find your top referral sources, top investment providers, find out how much traffic comes in from your website and social media. Use SalesPitch to track the metrics that you need to make the most out of your sales season.

One-Step Conversion

The one-step conversion tool allows you to go from proposal to plan seamlessly, with the click of a button. SalesPitch and PensionPro join together to make plan installation easier than ever before.