PensionPro’s companioned website, PlanSponsorLink, allows your contacts to send and receive their information securely and electronically. The user-friendly portal tracks progress within PensionPro and is customized to your brand, working seamlessly with your existing website.

Secure File

As data security continues to rise to the top of our concern list, having a secure file transferring mechanism is critical. PlanSponsorLink allows for your clients to send and receive files securely without requiring you to maintain yet another service in your firm. Familiarize your clients with a portal that can act as a one stop shop for all of their plan information and correspondence. To learn more about secure file exchange, click here.


Consolidating data collection in one place, PlanSponsorLink, allows you to combine your questionnaire and employee census to ensure you receive accurate, usable data. The user-friendly website also allows for the collection and receipt of payroll, plan documents and more. Imagine being able to know where your client is in the collection process, before they even return it. Only available at the Business tier.


Post your plan documents electronically on the web, eliminating the need to send via email. Clients can access and download at their convenience, while providing you with metrics to see which documents have been accessed and when.


Eliminate the need for clients to remember multiple logins by taking advantage of single sign-on. If you are an 5500 Software customer, PlanSponsorLink will allow the client to access and sign their 5500 form right from their home page. *Only applies to 5500 Software customers.


Clients can access real-time distribution statuses, notes and documents without the need for a phone call or e-mail. Only available at the Business tier.