The full Package

PensionPro Business is for dynamic TPA firms that want the full package. It includes all of the tools needed to succeed and grow.


Centralize client, plan and contact information for full access to your data. The CRM feature captures all of the information in one unified space, while allowing full access to critical information. Enhance customer service and increase efficiency by managing relationships and data with ease.


Workflow enables your business to reach its full potential through efficiency and profitability. Automate and streamline all of your current processes to maximize your resources across clients, departments and office locations. Workflow is the ultimate tracking mechanism to ensure your staff and your business are positioned for continued growth.


Anywhere from annual administration, distributions to staff on boarding-custom-built project templates enable standardization across all aspects of operations, tailored to your unique business processes.

Business Intel

PensionPro Business turns your raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. Bringing together advanced managerial, operational and business intelligence gives you the biggest competitive advantage.


From application validation to updating census information, the distribution tool provides a streamlined, automated process. This Business feature allows your clients to monitor distribution statuses with an online, real-time progress tracker.

Event Management

Event Management is intended to replace the spreadsheets that track all of your due dates and monitors what work is left to be completed when approaching a deadline. What’s due in November? April PYE 5500’s, January PYE extended 5500 filings, ADP/ACP for Aug PYE? How many projects are left and who is responsible to complete the work? To learn more about event management, click here.


Our free mobile web site enables users to check on projects, assign duties, and stay connected when you’re on-the-go.

Available Add-Ons

Boost the power of Business and take your firm to the next level with these available add-ons.


Our intuitive sales dashboard tracks prospects and proposals in real-time. Track phone calls and emails, create targeted email blasts, and more. Know who’s influencing your business and empower your sales team. SalesPitch connects seamlessly with PensionPro via the one-step conversion tool to turn a proposal into plan.


PensionPro’s companioned website, PlanSponsorLink, allows your contacts to send and receive their information securely and electronically. The user-friendly portal tracks progress within PensionPro and is customized to your brand, working seamlessly with your existing website.

Feature Name

Benefit Insights by PensionPro streamlines how your firm is perceived. Utilizing our website and newsletter services, both current and future clients will see you as being at the top of your game. Your firm will be the only one they want to do business with.