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Event Management

Event Management is intended to replace the spreadsheets that track all of your due dates and monitors what work is left to be completed when approaching a deadline. What’s due in November? April PYE 5500’s, January PYE extended 5500 filings, ADP/ACP for Aug PYE? How many projects are left and who is responsible to complete the work?

Event Management gives you the tools you need to keep track of the round robin calendar in one succinct location and keeps you on target to complete processes before deadlines.

  • Easily accessible from the home screen in PensionPro.
  • Create custom events for all the important deadlines you keep track of.
  • Link to your workflow steps to easily track event completion.
  • Click to access workflow details for open events.
  • Custom categorize events to easily group remaining work loads.
  • Configure events to require specific plan types, services provided and plan year ends.
  • Access Business Intelligence tools to stay on top of all event activity.

Watch a recorded presentation about Event Management on-demand.