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Innovation, education, and collaboration have long been pillars of PensionPro's mission. We now bring them to life in a new and interactive way - our P2P Training Institute. This institute offers a wide range of education and training options to help the TPA community interact face-to-face with PensionPro staff, industry experts, and their peers.

Security Awareness
Training for TPAs

When it comes to cyber security, your people are the most important player. Security awareness training will teach your employees to understand the cyber risks and threats in their everyday environment. In our ever-evolving cyber world, security training is no longer optional. Available for ASPPA and NIPA CE credit.


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In-Office Sessions

PensionPro Consulting brings all the benefits of customized, inidividual training, directly to you and your team. Have a Pro travel to you, or join us via video calls, for one-on-one help on any aspect of the system, from implementation to restructuring.

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PensionPro is located within a few miles of the Harrisburg International Airport and Harrisburg Amtrak Station. Hotel accommodations are available within walking distance.

The P2P Training Institute is equipped with a full kitchen, lounge area, conference rooms, single office suites and complimentary parking. There are numerous lodging, dining, and entertainment options within walking distance or just a short drive away.

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