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We are committed to helping our clients achieve optimum utilization of PensionPro and becoming more efficient TPAs. We have developed a robust catalog of interactive training sessions. These training sessions cover a range of topics and user proficiency levels so there is something for each member of your firm. Free On-Demand sessions are designed for new users to learn the basic functionality of PensionPro features and modules. Proficient users should opt for our PROPASS sessions, where advanced topics, troubleshooting, best practices and system optimization will be the focus.

Training Category Training Sessions
PensionPro Tools & Best Practices 7
Project Management 9
Reporting Tools 3
Merge Documents 3
SalesPitch Optimization 2
Communication Tools 3
Management Training 4
Total Categories: 7 Total Sessions: 31

PensionPro Tools & Best Practices

1. PensionPro Fundamentals

Familiarize yourself with basic PensionPro features and functions, such as Dashboards, Worktrays, Time Tracking, Menu options, and Search.

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Price: FREE

2. Distribution Fundamentals

The Distribution Module harbors some of the most used workflows in PensionPro. This training will go through the interface and give you a basic understanding of the module.

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Price: FREE

3. Distributions: Effective Tracking & Management

Is your Distribution module giving you the metrics and efficiency you seek? Join us for a management level walk-through for optimizing your procedures to deliver more efficient processing and enhance time management.

Prerequisite Training Recommended: Distribution Fundamentals

Date: September 10, 2020 | 2–3pm EST | 60min | Access Now

Price: $100

4. Onboarding Fundamentals: New Clients & Employees

Learn the basics of how to put process around the creation of new Clients and Employees in PensionPro.

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Price: FREE

5. Effective Onboarding Procedures to Accommodate Growth

Is your firm growing? Learn some of the best practice techniques from the industry’s most successful TPA firms and PensionPro system specialists.

Prerequisite Training Recommended: Onboarding Fundamentals: New Clients & Employees

Dates: December 8, 2020 | 2–3:30pm EST | 90min | Register Now

Price: $175

6. Utilizing Document Specifications in PensionPro

As we are in the midst of another Document Restatement period, there has never been a better time to get your Document Specifications into PensionPro. Join our system experts as we walk you through importing and updating existing data, and show you how to put that data to use to improve efficiency, communication and more in your firm.

Date: April 2021 | TBD

Price: $135

7. Fee Schedule Usage in PensionPro

Fee Schedules in PensionPro give you access at your fingertips to verify current service offerings, status of service and more at a click. While not all users need access to your billing software, fee schedules give you the information you need at a glance. See how you can use your fee schedules to launch projects, communicate with clients and more with the use of Fee Schedules.

Date: May 2021 | TBD

Price: $135

Project Management

8. Project Building Fundamentals

Learn about all the components of PensionPro’s project feature. Gain general project template knowledge to apply to creating your own project templates.

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Price: FREE

9. Building Projects: DC Document Restatement

Build a DC Document Restatement project template with the help of PensionPro staff.

Date: July 21, 2020 | 2–3:30pm EST | 90min | Access Now

Price: $135

10. Building Projects: Annual Data Collection

Build an Annual Data Collection project template with the help of PensionPro staff.

Date: October 27, 2020 | 2–3:30pm EST | 90min | Register Now

Price: $135

11. Annual Administration Project Fundamentals

The Annual Administration process in PensionPro follows you through most of the year. This training will give you an overview of the entire process prior to launch.

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Price: FREE

12. Annual Data Collection: Project Management Workshop

Ready to take your annual project to the next level? Join us for an in-depth walk-through of best practices, reporting tools, and some preferences of users, including an optimized project template as a takeaway.

Prerequisite Training Recommended: Annual Administration Project Fundamentals

Dates: December 2–3 & 16–17, 2020 | 2–3:30pm EST (each day) | 90min (each day) | Register Now

Price: $295 / per workshop

13. Tracking Plan Amendments

Making changes to the plan document is one of the many key processes that should be tracked in a project. Join us as we help you build an efficient and meaningful project template that will allow you to not only track the change, but also give you metrics on common changes, history and gives you the ability to communicate those changes to the client, and make them easily viewable to employees.

Date: June 2021 | TBD

Price: $135

14. Working with Multiple Employer Plans and Participating Employers

Collecting annual data and providing compliance services for MEPs and plans with Participating Employers comes with its own set of challenges. Join us to learn how to use the MEP Master feature effectively and hear tips from a system expert for collecting annual data and maintaining important plan details in the system.

Date: September 2021 | TBD

Price: $175

15. Project Building: Tracking Annual Notices

Annual Notice tracking is a critical component that falls on your team, and one that can often times linger until the last possible moment. Let us show you how to track those easily in PensionPro and give yourself an at a glance view of what’s remaining, an easy means to communicate with the client, and the ability to see who has opened the notices sent.

Date: October 2021 | TBD

Price: $175

16. Annual Data Collection: Project Management Workshop

Ready to take your annual project to the next level? Join us for an in-depth walk-through of optimal project structure, best practices, review steps, reporting tools, and PlanSponsorLink optimization. Make the year-end process work seamlessly this year with a little help from our system experts.

Date: December 2021 | TBD

Price: $295

Reporting Tools

17. Event Management Fundamentals

New to Event Management? Join us for a walk-through of the configuration setup and creation of Event Management tracking.

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Price: FREE

18. Event Management: Create a 5500 Filing Burndown

Ready to build your own Event Management Dashboard? This training will take you from start to finish to create a 5500 Event to keep track of the status of filings.

Date: June 25, 2020 | 11am–12pm EST | 60min | Access Now

Price: $100

19. Fetch Advanced User Training

Ready to take your Fetch skills to the next level? In advanced training, a PensionPro expert will walk you through creating and customizing queries to identify and easily pull the data string you are looking for. Learn not only how to pull back data, but how to properly, structure, filter, organize and ensure you get the right information every time.

Date: February 2021 | TBD

Price: $175

Merge Documents

20. Merge Documents Fundamentals

New to Merge Documents? Join us for a walk-through of how to make your Word documents populate with data stored in PensionPro with only a few clicks. We’ll give you the basics on how to get started.

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Price: FREE

21. Merge Documents: Create a Plan Testing Summary

Join us as we create a Plan Testing Summary Word merge template from scratch. Follow along and receive the completed Word merge template as a takeaway.

Prerequisite Training Recommended: Merge Documents Fundamentals

Date: August 26, 2020 | 1–3pm EST | 120min | Access Now

Price: $175

22. Merge Documents: Create an Annual Plan Summary

Ready to automate that manual summary you create after the administration is complete? Join us as we create an Annual Summary Word merge template. Follow along and receive the completed Word merge template as a takeaway.

Prerequisite Training Recommended: Merge Documents Fundamentals

Date: November 12, 2020 | 2–3:30pm EST | 90min | Register Now

Price: $175

SalesPitch Optimization

23. Score More Sales with SalesPitch

Learn tips and tricks from PensionPro specialists on how to use SalesPitch to make the most of your sales tool, including how to reach out to lost leads.

Prerequisite Training Recommended: Understanding the SalesPitch Interface

Date: September 22, 2020 | 2–3:30pm EST | 90min | Access Now

Price: $175

Communication Tools

24. Blast Email Fundamentals

Looking for a communication tool to reach out to clients and influencers? Learn about Blast Email functionality to enhance your client service.

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Price: FREE

25. Blast Email: How to Expand Client Outreach & Customer Service

Are you looking for better, more consistent ways of reaching your client base? Join us for best practices and email template takeaways to enhance your customer service outreach.

Prerequisite Training Recommended: Blast Email Fundamentals

Date: August 10, 2020 | 2–3:30pm EST | 90min | Access Now

Price: $135

26. Blast Email & Event Management: Census Follow-Ups & Tracking

Build and customize census reminder email templates to use throughout the collection process and easily track the number of completed and outstanding plans at a glance with the use of event management. With the tools and tips we provide on proper use of the Blast Email tool and Event Management, data collection has never been easier.

Date: January 2021 | TBD

Price: $135

Management Training

27. PensionPro Security Best Practices: Security Rights & MFA

Here at PensionPro, security is our top priority. With tools like Multi-Factor Authentication, Authorized Computer Management and Security Role Management, we’re giving you tools to make sure your firm’s system security is protected as well. Join us as we walk through best practices for keeping your system secure.

Date: March 2021 | TBD

Price: $135

28. Employee Security Training

Security training is key to any company, and often times is a requirement for cyber security insurance to be considered in good standing. Join us for live security training where our Information Technology team will walk through the important guidelines and things to watch out for to keep your employees and network safe.

Date: July 2021 | TBD

Price: $175

29. Routine System Housekeeping/Cleaning Up Old Projects

Data is only as good as the most recent update, and your PensionPro system is no exception. Join us for a top level session on how to keep your system clean, including clearing out old projects, deactivating old employees and ways to create a process to continue the process annually. Consider it a late spring cleaning!

Date: August 2021 | TBD

Price: $135

30. Management Training: Employee Management in PensionPro

As managers of PensionPro, you have to know who has the ability to which features in the system, at all times. Join us for management training as we provide tools for reporting on and managing system access firm-wide, how to reassign workloads, which roles should have specific levels of access and ultimately, how to make changes as the necessity arises, no matter the urgency.

Date: November 2021 | TBD

Price: $175