Grow Your Plan Count

Grow your firm using cloud-based software, business process optimization, and seamless integrations with compliance software. Use PensionPro to manage all your Third Party Administration operations.

Origami Explosion

Accelerate Productivity

PensionPro enables the onboarding and training of employees exponentially faster than sitting with ‘Bill’ in operations.


Maintain Your Service

Ensure consistent quality across all employees no matter their geography or seniority. PensionPro project templates create scalable workflows and detailed checklists.


Manage Your Team

View the status of outstanding work at the employee, team, and account level. Our dashboards and reports make running your business more efficient.

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We offer management services, retirement industry focused newsletters, and eLearning for all TPA professionals.


Grow Your Knowledge

From Cyber Security to Operational Excellence, PensionPro eLearning offers deep insights and tangible outcomes to support professional development.


Educate Your Plan Sponsors

Supply your plan sponsors with a quarterly newsletter about the most important and relevant retirement topics.

Become a Pro

PensionPro connects all aspects of TPA sales, administration workflow and plan sponsor interaction to create a streamlined operational hub. Our unique solutions maximize efficiency and profitability, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

Select the tier that supports your team.


Our point of entry solution, TRACK, includes Customer Relationship Management and reporting.

  • Client, Plan, and Contacts
  • Investment Providers
  • Services Provided
  • Plan Cycle Milestone Dashboard
  • Standard Reporting
  • PlanSponsorLink.com


Beyond TRACK, our TEAM tier consolidates, organizes and tracks what you do.

  • All TRACK features, plus…
  • Online Data Collection
  • Time Tracking
  • Blast Email
  • Fee Schedules
  • To-Dos
  • ftwilliam.com Integrations
  • Document Specifications
  • Communication Lists
  • Email Notifications


BUSINESS offers our complete package of software services and features.

  • All TEAM features, plus…
  • Workflow
  • Project Dashboards
  • Worktrays
  • Distribution Tracking
  • Custom Reporting
  • Interactions
  • Event Management
  • Access Management
  • Merge Documents
  • API Access

Never Stop Learning

We offer a wide range of education and training options to help the TPA community learn from PensionPro staff, industry experts, and their peers.