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PensionPro is the industry leader in TPA business solutions. Following our guiding philosophy that data is power, PensionPro connects all aspects of TPA sales, administration workflow and plan sponsor interaction to create a streamlined operational hub. Our unique solutions maximize efficiency and profitability, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

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Paul Perry is a man on a mission. As the leader of Warren Averett’s Risk and Controls division, he is involved in assessing, preventing, and remediating their clients’ cyber security challenges. Perry has spent significant time with small and large TPA firms - so how would he rate the cyber threat preparedness of the industry?


No longer the sole responsibility of the IT Department, cyber security is now part of the lexicon of every company in every industry. The most advanced systems and processes can be thwarted by an employee clicking on what they thought was a harmless meeting invitation. For TPAs, an industry that up until a few years ago was still largely using spreadsheets to manage their core business, the idea of having state of the art cyber security might seem like overkill - but it's actually the price of admission.