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PensionPro is the industry leader in TPA business solutions. Following our guiding philosophy that data is power, PensionPro connects all aspects of TPA sales, administration workflow and plan sponsor interaction to create a streamlined operational hub. Our unique solutions maximize efficiency and profitability, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

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Nothing is ever truly safe. That is the uncomfortable truth about our world and certainly, connected information systems. It’s uncomfortable to think, and hard to accept, but it is true. Now that we have acknowledged that, we can talk about what real security is and how you achieve it.


Gathering data is no longer enough. In any industry, but especially among TPAs, the chief goal is charting the future – by way of enlightened data analysis. “We must be good at capturing and leveraging data to express valuable insights back to our clients,” explained Eric Burnside, chief financial officer and business development manager for Independent Retirement Consulting


NIPA's Annual Forum and Expo is an event tailored to the retirement plan world. Every year, industry professionals from across the country, come to NAFE to continue their education, understand industry changes and network.