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PensionPro is the industry leader in TPA business solutions. Following our guiding philosophy that data is power, PensionPro connects all aspects of TPA sales, administration workflow and plan sponsor interaction to create a streamlined operational hub. Our unique solutions maximize efficiency and profitability, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

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An acquisition from either perspective can be a tricky business. Research shows that nearly 50% of all acquisitions fail for reasons that you would expect: valuation of the company acquired was too high, a cultural mismatch between the acquired and the acquirer (very common when a large business acquires a small business), or even a lack of understanding of what the true value drivers are of the acquired firm. So, how can small business owners navigate what will certainly be a difficult and emotional process?


Release 1.27 is here! Check out the list of new features and enhancements, as well as fixes right here.


The Retirement Advantage (TRA) is a PensionPro power user providing service to more than 6,000 plan sponsors, 350,000 plan participants, and more than $6 billion in retirement assets under its administration.
Like many TPAs, TRA has grown organically and by acquisition, but what sets it apart is the fact that Matt Schoneman and his team have defined their specific growth strategy and set up robust operations to support it.