Client Communications

Communication That Counts

Great customer service starts with great communication. PensionPro enables teams to communicate with each other and their clients. Account notes help tell the story, and the ability to communicate with all clients simultaneously helps deliver critical messages with consistency.

Blast Email Saves Time

Sending emails from each Plan Consultant can be done in a few clicks to help you keep things personal. Customize your content, recipient list, and merge pertinent information with the Blast Email Tool. Design your own HTML templates or pick from our inventory to create effective client communications. Create a paper trail, without the paper.

Illustration of blast email

Market Your Services

Email marketing is still one of the most effective mediums for both attracting new and retaining existing clients. Our Blast Email service will help you create brand aligned messages that will help you market to prospects and communicate important messages.

Illustration of interactions

Maintain Consistency

By using Blast Email templates you will deliver consistent messages to all your contacts. They can include customized salutations combined with evergreen text to create a personalized mass communication.

Illustration of consistency

Being able to email all of our clients with a personal note is critical. Blast Email helps us personalize and customize our messages in no time at all.

Todd Henry
Todd Henry Customer Since 2011 PresidentPA Retirement Solutions