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Your Business. Your Solution.

Whether you’re only interested in a CRM or you’re ready to optimize your entire business, PensionPro has a tier that meets your needs. Get started quickly use TRACK, deploy TEAM to expedite annual administration, and implement BUSINESS to watch your firm grow faster.

Client, Plan and Contacts
Centralize client, plan and contact information for full access to your data.
Plan Cycle Milestone Dashboard
Track your milestones and deadlines
Standard Reporting
Access your data with 50+ reports
Secure File Exchange
Send and receive sensitive information quickly and securely
Time Tracking
Track profitability and productivity Integration
Forms, Compliance and Documents Software
Blast Email
Send targeted emails to clients, contacts and prospects
Fee Schedules
Templated and customizable fee schedule tracking
Don’t forget to make a phone call or schedule a meeting again
Document Specifications
Store your document specs for easy access
Communication Lists
Group your contacts for easy blast emailing
Email Notifications
Receive notifications when work assignments are made or become active
Log phone calls, meetings and emails for your contacts
Online Data Collection
Collect annual census data securely via PlanSponsorLink
Set-up projects and tasks that flow between employees
Project Dashboards
See what tasks need to be done at-a-glance
Assign work to teams within your office
Automate distributions and export data for easy 1099 prep
Create, store and share custom queries to access your data
Event Management
Track due dates and remaining work to be completed for approaching deadlines
Authorized Computer Management
Control which computers are allowed to access PensionPro
Merge Documents
Use Word to build and customize merged documents
Connect your data to our system from nearly anything