Optimize Your Business

PensionPro BUSINESS is for dynamic TPA firms that want to optimize their business. It includes all of the tools needed to succeed and grow.



Client Relationship Management

Centralize Client, Plan and Contact information for full access to your data. The CRM feature captures all of the information in one unified space, while allowing full access to critical information. Enhance customer service and increase efficiency by managing relationships and data with ease.

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Storing data is beneficial as long as you are able to pull out the information you need, when you need it. PensionPro comes equipped with standard reporting to easily pull plan lists, run exception reports to find potential holes in data, print mailing labels and see how plan loads are distributed across your firm. With more than 50 standard reports available, PensionPro gives you the ability to pull the information you need and can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF, CSV and XML for use by other applications or further analysis.

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Our most popular feature allows your contacts to send and receive their information securely and electronically. The user-friendly portal tracks progress within PensionPro and is customized to your brand so that it works seamlessly with your existing website.

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Power Tools

Getting started with PensionPro is easier than ever thanks to import tools that allows your data to be imported in one sheet. At PensionPro, we know your time is valuable, and making manual changes is time consuming and painful. We agree, and that’s why we offer Power Tools, to assist you in not only importing data, but also in making global changes to your data in the system. Keeping PensionPro up to date is easily maintainable with the use of imports and power tools.

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Time Tracking

Tracking employees time in PensionPro allows you to evaluate the amount of time spent on projects and interacting with clients, as opposed to other non-client facing duties. Using our Time and Billing codes helps you to categorize time activity with various classifications for reporting purposes. PensionPro’s Time Reports and Power Tools help managers review and evaluate time to streamline their workflow and make operations more efficient.

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Blast Email

Customize your content, recipient list and merge in pertinent information with the Blast Email Tool. Design your own HTML templates to create a customized, organized and effective form of client communication. Click send for a paper trail, without the paper. Unlike many email tools, Blast Email allows you to send on behalf of a role in your system, so sending emails from each Plan Consultant can be done in a few clicks to help you keep personalization, while saving time.

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Fee Schedules

Tracking Fee Schedule Templates in PensionPro is easy. Users can manage their Fee Schedules on a global scale using Power Tools. By adding Fee Schedules to a tracked Plan, users can customize the Fee Schedule to the individual Plan. Users can see the current fee structure as well as any historical Fee Schedules stored in PensionPro.

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To-Dos are items that need to be done only once or not on a regular schedule, such as “Send this client a reminder letter” or “Follow-up with this client concerning data changes.” To-Dos can be created one at a time or en masse through the use of our Power Tool. They can be reassigned and set with a due date to alert users that they have something “to-do”.

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Document Specs

PensionPro provides users with the ability to import and maintain Plan Document Specifications for any Plan stored in PensionPro. The specifications make it easy to: Customize blast emails to enhance customer service or data requests, launch more targeted projects that may apply to certain plan types or statuses or give an at-a-glance view of Document Specifications to users without having to access your document software. Document Specifications are maintained in PensionPro by building a Document Template and then adding the Document Specifications either manually or by using our data import routine to create them for multiple plans simultaneously.

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Email Notifications

Set up PensionPro to automatically notify your staff when a new item has been activated or assigned to them. You will no longer need to send an email to a coworker for them to know they have something new to work on. Configure which items are most critical to your firm, or allow each user to choose the notifications for the items they need to see.

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Workflow enables your business to reach its full potential through efficiency and profitability. Automate and streamline all of your current processes to maximize your resources across clients, departments and office locations. Workflow is the ultimate tracking mechanism to ensure your staff and your business are positioned for continued growth.

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Dashboards & Worktrays

Our customizable user Dashboards and Worktrays allow you and your staff to work on tasks and organize them in the way that best suits your firm. Users can group, sort and filter the tasks that appear on their Dashboards and the Worktrays that they have access to. Our customizable search function to locate Client, Plan and Contact information as well as Projects and Distributions puts all information at your fingertips.

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From application validation to updating census information, the distribution tool provides a streamlined, automated process. This BUSINESS feature allows your clients to monitor distribution statuses with an online, real-time progress tracker.

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Interactions allow users to store emails, telephone calls, calendar appointments, and meeting information directly in PensionPro for all users to access. Interactions can be linked to a Client, Plan, Contact, Opportunity, Proposal, or Prospect. Interactions are also automatically logged when users send Secure File Exchanges or Blast Emails from PensionPro. Easily keep track of your outreach to your contacts using PensionPro.

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Event Management

Event Management is intended to replace the spreadsheets that track all of your due dates and monitors what work is left to be completed when approaching a deadline. What’s due in November? April PYE 5500’s, January PYE extended 5500 filings, ADP/ACP for Aug PYE? How many projects are left and who is responsible to complete the work?

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IP Address Whitelisting

As part of our efforts to provide comprehensive data security for our users, PensionPro offers an IP Whitelisting feature. When enabled, users attempting to access a firm’s PensionPro instance will be unsuccessful if the IP address they are connecting from is not on the list of addresses approved by the firm.

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Merge Documents

Merge Documents is a major time-saving feature that we have developed to allow documents to be created, stored, uploaded, downloaded and sent directly through PensionPro software. It is highly customizable and flexible to serve most any correspondence, notice, event creation, etc. When you merge a document through PensionPro you know that the formatting is correct, your data fields are pertinent, your letterhead is consistent with your company’s logo and you can build distribution lists that you have created through your contacts over time.

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Templates enable standardization of operations tailored to your unique business processes in nearly all facets of your annual administration, data collection, distribution processing and new client on-boarding. Create an unlimited number of templates that are customized and categorized for easy access allowing your staff to launch and complete them with ease.

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Fetch is our proprietary data query tool that is a powerful way to search for projects, tasks, communications and more -without having to know or remember the association of those activities. It removes the boundaries and retrieves the information you want or need across the entire breadth of your data in PensionPro. The searches can be saved, shared and exported so that your organization benefits from greater efficiency in your workflow management.

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Application Programming Interface (API)

Our Application Programming Interface, or API for short, allows you to communicate with PensionPro electronically. You can, for example, Add, Edit, Delete and Extract data from other applications where you need real time updates.

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