Solidify Your Process

PensionPro TRACK is the point-of-entry solution for TPA firms looking to simplify and automate their processes. The TRACK Tier includes Customer Relationship Management and reporting features accessible from your desktop devices.



Client Relationship Management

Centralize Client, Plan and Contact information for full access to your data. The CRM feature captures all of the information in one unified space, while allowing full access to critical information. Enhance customer service and increase efficiency by managing relationships and data with ease.

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Plan Cycle Milestones

Gone are the days of spreadsheet tracking. PensionPro gives you the tools to manage critical deadlines effectively and efficiently. Move firm tracking to PensionPro where employees can view their plan load and easily identify what is outstanding with the click of a button, while managers have the capability to see the status of plans firm-wide. With the ability to sort, filter and group information by plan name, period end, or any milestone in between, the need for error-prone spreadsheet tracking is history.

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Storing data is beneficial as long as you are able to pull out the information you need, when you need it. PensionPro comes equipped with standard reporting to easily pull plan lists, run exception reports to find potential holes in data, print mailing labels and see how plan loads are distributed across your firm. With more than 50 standard reports available, PensionPro gives you the ability to pull the information you need and it can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF, CSV and XML for use by other applications or further analysis.

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Our most popular feature allows your contacts to send and receive their information securely and electronically. The user-friendly portal tracks progress within PensionPro and is customized to your brand so that it works seamlessly with your existing website.

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Power Tools

Getting started with PensionPro is simple with the use of import tools, which allows your data to be imported in one sheet. At PensionPro, we know your time is valuable, and making manual changes is time consuming and painful. We agree, and that’s why we offer Power Tools, to assist you in not only importing data, but also in making global changes to your data in the system. Keeping PensionPro up to date is easily maintainable with the use of imports and power tools.

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