Come Work With Us

PensionPro Software was founded in 2010 with the goal to eliminate the TPA industry's reliance on spreadsheets for data tracking. Nearly a decade later, PensionPro is the industry leader in software and services for TPAs. The application has grown to include tools for mass communication, a platform to securely send and receive documents, and an unmatched reporting system.

Our support team is the backbone of PensionPro. As such, a support agent must be an expert on the system and possess the ability to view a potential answer from many different viewpoints. You'll be expected to handle customer questions, requests, and concerns through our online support site. 

The PensionPro sales department includes everything about branding and selling. Our products are designed to help TPA professionals operate more efficiently and grow their business - it's the sales team that shows them the tools they need. You'll need excellent communication skills and a desire to want more.

PensionPro wouldn't exist or continue to further the industry without our incredible team of developers. Included in our team are Software Engineers, UA Testing Analysts, and UI Designers. 

Operations positions vary from coordinator to management positions for each team as well as HR, finance, and IT. You'll need to be able to create and follow a clear direction that you can disseminate to a team.