Business Operations

Measure and Manage

The best TPAs operate as a cohesive unit. Employees are connected by seamless workflows and plan data is consistent across platforms which results in clients receiving stellar customer service.

Consolidated Plan Information

PensionPro acts as a central repository for all your client and plan data. Detailed contact information and account notes keep your team connected to the needs of your clients.

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Real-Time Plan Status Updates

Knowing the status of a plan is not something you should have to hunt for. In the busiest periods of the year, Pros can quickly identify where work is stuck and the reasons why from both a company and employee perspective.

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Auto-Generate Plan Documents

With all the pertinent data stored in PensionPro, template documents can be auto-populated with just a few clicks. Client correspondence has never been faster or easier. PensionPro automates the generation of your firm’s client engagement agreements, participant forms, valuation summaries, and more.

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Instant Workload Allocation

Sometimes work needs to get reassigned in order to get done. Managers in PensionPro can easily view and assign employee caseloads as needed.

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View Progress and Performance

Relevant productivity stats help our Pros make better operational decisions. Individual dashboards enable you to track the information that is most important to you.

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Track Your Time and Effort

Profitability is vastly improved when you understand how much time and resources are being spent on an individual account. PensionPro allows leaders to use operational details to make strategic decisions to increase client ROI.

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Now that we use PensionPro I cringe when I think about how we managed our operations before. Plan Administration is less stressful, more reliable, and much easier for new employees to learn the ropes.

Cari Massey-Sears
Cari Massey-Sears Customer Since 2013 Special Plans CoordinatorDunbar, Bender, & Zapf