Sales Prospecting

Fill Your Pipeline

The best TPAs help their advisors win and keep business. Our custom sales and proposal tracking tool, SALESPITCH, will keep you on track to hit your top-line growth goals. Be organized. Be thorough. Be proactive. Happy hunting.

Prospect to Proposal

SALESPITCH enables users to store all their contact and proposal information within PensionPro. When the proposal is accepted the information flows seamlessly into the administrative process to get the rest of the team started on the work.

Illustration of people working

Interaction History

Store all conversations and notes that pertain to a sales prospect. By having a real-time history of all interactions your sales team can collaborate across accounts and close deals faster. Just drag and drop emails from Outlook into PensionPro for a detailed inventory of prospect communications.

Illustration of an interaction

Organize your Network

By using SALESPITCH you will be able to see who is sending you business, who the decision makers are and who is helping to grow your top-line revenue. Our influencer dashboard helps your prioritize how you are spending your business development budget.

Illustration of network management

Hit your Targets

How much are deals worth? What is the probability of closing the deal? Get answers to the questions you need to know to plan and execute your strategic growth plan. PensionPros who actively prospect and manage their sales pipeline grow significantly faster that those that do not.

Illustration of an target being hit

SalesPitch helps us grow. Being proactive with our sales prospecting has led to double figure growth year after year. The data we gather in the sales process flows seamlessly into our administration once they become a client.

Anthony Warren
Anthony Warren Customer Since 2014 CEOTrinity Pension Consultants