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  • PensionPro of the Month: Noble Davis Consulting, Inc

    Jan Davis, President

    Data security keeps most business owners up at night. Jan Davis sleeps better than most. President and owner of Noble-Davis Consulting, a TPA and record-keeping firm, Davis proactively attacks risk. Her firm engaged in a full risk analysis to identify its biggest vulnerabilities and then made changes. “We took a hard look at our systems,” she said. “We are committed to safeguarding our plan participants’ and sponsors’ sensitive information.” One tool has proven to be key.

    As an early adopter of PensionPro’s PlanSponsorLink portal, Noble-Davis has been ahead of the curve in protecting that exchange of sensitive information (social security numbers, dates of employment, amounts of distribution, signatures, and compensation). “Before PensionPro, our process was clunky and hard to explain and manage,” she explained. Having evolved with new process and the new technology, Noble-Davis has since transferred more than 16,000 files through PlanSponsorLink. “We love the secure file transfer for transmitting payroll files, it works so well because you don’t have to worry about password-ing a file or encrypting it.” Her firm also aggregates all plan documents and administrative forms in the portal — making it a hub for both secure transfer and convenience.

    While she still has a client or two who sends important information on cocktail napkins, the overwhelming majority of her clients and staff understand and appreciate the importance of practicing good data security. “We have placed extra emphasis on it and the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Davis said. “We try to take the burden off plan sponsors as much as possible and PensionPro has helped us do that.”