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  • PensionPro of the Month: DWC ERISA Consultants

    Adam C. Pozek, ERPA, QPA, CPFA & Kellly Marie Hurd, ERPA, CPC, QPA, QKA

    It’s hard to pin DWC ERISA Consultants to the map. They’re everywhere. As a completely virtual office, DWC’s 18 team members live in 10 states with clients in 46 states. Since launching the business in 1999, the business grew virtually, organically. “We never had a traditional brick and mortar office,” said Adam C. Pozek, partner at DWC. “We were virtual from day one and it works well for growth.”

    “We’re not limited to recruiting employees just because they are within driving distance of an office,” said Kelly Marie Hurd, senior retirement plan consultant with DWC. “The entire country is open to us.”

    An all-remote employee roster requires an even greater focus on workflow and management systems. DWC implemented PensionPro in 2012 to help centralize its business operations and client data. Instead of using multiple systems and spreadsheets to track time, client deadlines and data, PensionPro’s cloud-based solution enables DWC to see everything in one place.

    PensionPro is an important variable as to why DWC is recognized as one of the top TPA firms in the country in terms of quality and turnaround time.

    “It’d be hard to imagine working in a remote office without PensionPro’s workflow,” said Hurd. “We have an overview of what’s on everyone’s plate and don’t have to go digging. We can see what needs to happen next without needing to review spreadsheets or sift through emails.”

    Employees can see a snapshot of their priorities by day, week or month. They can search or sort based on the client, date due or workload.

    “From a management perspective, it’s meant we can focus on mentoring, professional growth and exception processing rather than micro-managing whether the trains are running on time,” said Pozek.