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    Daniel Liss, CEO

    Daniel Liss is pushing boundaries. With ten acquisitions under his belt and more in the pipeline, the growth of EGPS is impressive. Acquiring TPA firms and integrating them into your operations is no easy task. “Culture is the most important thing we look for when acquiring because we have a very defined culture and would never do anything to jeopardize that” says Daniel Liss, CEO. “A great culture can be quantified by how productive the workforce is. It seems obvious to some, but you would be amazed at how many people don’t actually measure and improve the productivity of their employees and thus the culture of their team.”

    Daniel hails from the quiet streets of Finchley in London but currently resides in NYC with his wife and 5 children. His leadership style straddles innovation and people. “We want to automate and integrate technological systems because that will enable our people to spend more time with clients, not so that we can cut costs or people.” Daniel believes that having growthful, happy, and inspired employees, will be enough to fuel the type of organic growth he envisions.

    So how does someone spot and nurture growthful people? The answer is humility.

    Daniel and his team regard humility above all else. “No one has all the answers, there is always a better way to get the work done, but you must be humble enough to explore those.” Through each of the acquisitions, Daniel has absorbed and developed the team members who demonstrate this trait consistently. “I would say that the people have been the greatest asset of many of the companies we have acquired.”

    When asked what makes EGPS unique or better than other TPA firms, Daniel pauses and articulates, “Great service is not a differentiator, it is the price to play. Many TPAs offer great service at fair prices. But the best TPAs have great relationships with their clients, strategic partners, and vendors.” It is this relational approach that led EGPS to use PensionPro. 

    “There are not many companies that understand TPA growth better than PensionPro. They have done it themselves and now they help hundreds of other companies do the exact same thing. We can’t imagine our business without them.”

    For EGPS the future will involve more growth and lots of integration and automation. “COVID-19 has been the driver for technological innovation for many companies, but we had already begun our transformation. Our people are already looking for the next area of integration and automation that will save us valuable time we could be spending with actual human beings!”

    Learn more about our BUSINESS Tier which is used by EGPS.