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    The Whole Prime Pensions Crew

    Scott Feit and Mike Uchitel, the owners of Prime Pensions, Inc., are the epitome of commitment. They were committed to implementing PensionPro in less than a week. “Although we don’t recommend it for every client, we were wildly impressed with Scott’s ability to come on line that fast,” said Bill Renninger, Director of Operations for PensionPro, “We were also thrilled to hear our support tools and videos were helpful to him in his rapid timeframe.”

    “I was familiar with databases, queries, and imports, so I started importing,” said Feit. “I also watched the PensionPro videos, found out how easy it was and didn’t stop. Within six days, we were pretty much up and running.”

    Prime Pensions has been using PensionPro for two months. “We love it,” said Uchitel, “It’s helping us become more efficient and allows our administrators to handle more retirement plans. We are growing exponentially.” Prime Pensions added seventy five new clients in December. The company also implemented PensionPro’s PlanSponsorLink for their year end data collection. They launched their 12/31 PYE requests for client data on January 1st and received completed census and employer data the next day, jump-starting their admin cycle for the new year.

    “If you are committed and have the resources to do it, it is possible,” said Feit about PensionPro implementation, “You don’t need to throw a lot of people at the project. It is possible with one or two people taking full responsibility for it.”