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    Elizabeth Huffman

    Retirement Plan Solutions Inc. (RPSI) celebrated its 25th anniversary with peak productivity. After implementing PensionPro in 2015, RPSI experienced a 71% completion rate of their annual administration projects by July 31 — compared to 35% the year before.

    “After 25 years of service, the biggest reward was to celebrate with such efficiency,” explained Elizabeth Huffman, Operations Workflow Manager for RPSI. “We are a mid-sized firm and we all work together to complete the final package, there’s a great sense of satisfaction and success for our team and our clients.”

    RPSI sets the trend for staying ahead of schedule. Sixty-three percent (63%) of their clients returned data by February 17. Huffman credits RPSI’s diligent staff as well as PensionPro PlanSponsorLink’s appeal with clients. “We’ve had an abundance of positive feedback,” she said. “They like the appearance and its ease of use. Our average client completes our questionnaire in less than an hour.”

    Another key to RPSI’s success has been accurate tracking and the use of custom projects. Huffman attended the Year-End Bootcamp at PensionPro’s Training Center to implement additional reporting mechanisms and fine tune their project building. “There is a project for everything,” she said. “There is nothing that happens in our firm that isn’t monitored in PensionPro.”