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  • PensionPro of the Month: Hilb Group of New England

    Anne Weinblatt, QKA, QPA, ERPA

    From client onboarding to plan termination, asset reconciliation to 5500 filings — if it’s trackable, it’s tracked at the Hilb Group. “We pretty much use PensionPro for everything,” said Anne Weinblatt, operations manager for retirement administration at Hilb. The firm has seen 8% annual growth each year for the past four years, increased client retention, and enhanced, seamless customer service. Weinblatt credits a collaborative team, productive sales consultants, and the ability to create custom workflow projects for their varied needs.

    “We have a lot to keep track of,” she explained. “Out of nearly 1,000 plans, we have a number of plans that are paired. I have an administrator running the 401(k) side and an actuary running the cash balance side. PensionPro helps them talk to one another and the project runs on the admin’s dashboard, so they work in tandem. It’s a much clearer picture.”

    Each of Hilb’s 14 staff members in retirement administration contribute to the success of the system. Support staff and administrators can provide instant answers to client questions because the information is up-to-date and accessible by everyone. And when a new client is brought on, enrollment forms and the entire workflow is set up with contacts and assets, so by the time it reaches the administrator, all of the information is ready to go. Weinblatt’s power user, Calvan Medeiros-Rice, handles distributions. He’s created projects for the wrap plans, pooled plans, or segregated accounts.

    The firm’s growth has allowed them to hire a new administrator each year. “If we didn’t have PensionPro, we couldn’t have grown,” she said. Once a year, Weinblatt’s team convenes to review the entire annual administration project and tweak the process. “Nothing is ever etched in stone,” she said. “We add steps and each time, make it a little better.” As a manager, she can see the full landscape. “Reports give me perspective on who needs more training, what to watch for,” she added. “I can delve a little deeper to figure out what’s going on just about everywhere.”