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  • PensionPro of the Month: Acuff & Associates

    Pamela J Leitschuh, APA & Birgit M. Cornelius, CPC, QPA, TGPC, ERPA

    Shortly after implementing the software in 2012, Acuff & Associates became one of the most active daily users of PensionPro. “We operate more efficiently because we can access all data in one place,” said Pamela Leitschuh, Senior Associate at Acuff & Associates.

    “By using all aspects of the system, we have been able to standardize our procedures so that everyone is using the same processing methods and we benefit by continuing to provide a consistent product to our clients.”

    In large part, efficiency has come from the staff’s ability to see the status of a project and know exactly what needs to be done to complete it. “We spent a great amount of time developing our projects and we worked closely with the PensionPro consultants, especially for our Defined Benefit process,” explained Birgit Cornelius, Managing Associate at Acuff & Associates.

    “The thorough conversion allowed us to look at all of our processes, procedures, and client data in a more detailed manner. After each busy season, Acuff allows all associates from the different areas to give feedback about the processes and makes updates to templates accordingly.”