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  • PensionPro of the Month: Altigro Pension Services

    Steven P. Greenbaum, CLU, CHFC

    Altigro Pension Services uses a three-prong strategy for growth: acquisition, organic growth through its new 401k program, and full automation.

    “We’ve processed so many more plans in the last eight months,” said Steven Greenbaum, Altigro’s President. “Using our new ‘Get Started’ 401K program and PensionPro’s SalesPitch, our new case conversion process is seamless, quick and cost effective. There is no wasted time.”

    Altigro received its CEFEX certification in August. “It would have taken us months to gather and summarize all of the submission information,” Greenbaum explained. “But with PensionPro’s workflow, we ran reports and pulled it all together in just a few days.”

    Organic growth has become trackable and predictive. Instead of logging prospects on spreadsheets, Altigro has become a seasoned user of SalesPitch, which tracks interactions and highlights influencers. “I can view our sales overview four different ways,” said Greenbaum. “I can create a report to see outstanding business, potential business, prioritize and review our goals.”

    The process is about to get even better — Altigro worked closely with PensionPro on a soon-to-be released conversion tool that takes proposal data and converts the data into a plan in PensionPro, including the DOL 5500 data.