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  • PensionPro of the Month: Northwest Retirement Plan Consultant Services

    Debbie J. Smith, APA

    Northwest Retirement Plan Consultants started small, but they have grown mightily in their two and a half years and now provide administrative services to more than 400 retirement plans.

    The firm’s president and chief operating officer, Debbie Smith, attributes the growth to several factors: an in-house actuarial staff for cash balance and defined benefit work, an investment in robust operational systems, and the support and referrals from longtime business friends, associates, financial advisors and CPAs.

    “One of the major selling points for other TPA firms looking to partner with us has been our use of PensionPro’s suite of services and our ability to guarantee and measure our service standards,” explained Smith.

    Besides workflow, the firm relied on PensionPro for project management to integrate a TPA firm located in another part of the state. “The firm was larger in plan counts and staff than our existing company,” said Smith. “PensionPro enabled us to work with staff from both locations, determine best practices and implement them through projects in workflow in record time. What normally would have taken several busy season cycles, we accomplished in just one.”

    Northwest’s clients and advisors have enthusiastically adopted the firm’s use of PlanSponsorLink which has led to continued referrals for new business. “With PensionPro tracking all aspects of our standard business services, we are free to concentrate on plan design and client development.”