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  • Revolutionizing ProPass: A New Era

    In 2020, business as we knew it made a major shift. Our tradition of getting together for in-person events was no longer feasible, and we all turned to Zoom—whether we were ready for it or not. Virtual training quickly took the place of in-person training and networking events. It was in this environment that ProPass was born, to fill the void after our in-person events could no longer occur. Now that we can offer in-person events again, ProPass no longer holds the same relevance. For this reason, we would like to introduce ProPass: Redefined.

    What’s changing?

    ProPass subscribers will soon have access to PensionPro’s Learning Management System (LMS). This platform will host all of our ProPass materials—new and old—so that everything can be accessed in one spot. The ProPass platform is broken down into separate training courses, making it easy to navigate to topics of interest. We have also created a legacy course to house all previous ProPass content so that it will still be available to you.

    The new ProPass content we will offer consists of mixed-media courses covering a variety of PensionPro topics. This content is perfect for new employees or employees that may just need a refresher on a particular feature. New firms will have full access to our ProPass training content during their implementation period to help ease the learning curve of our robust software. After the implementation period has passed, firms may opt to continue their subscription.

    We are continuously developing new ProPass content, and we will regularly build onto our current offerings. As always, if you have any topics you would like to see turned into a training course, please use the Give Feedback option in PensionPro to let us know!

    Interested in learning more?

    PensionPro will be providing more details regarding the new ProPass in an upcoming webinar, stay tuned for more information!


    Kaylee Stover

    Client Services Supervisor