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    PensionPro is on the verge of a giant leap. PensionPro 2.0, set to be released this summer, is built for the future of work and the flexibility it mandates.

    According to a recent Quora thread, the average worker will click between 5,000 and 7,000 times in a 7-hour day; that’s approximately once every five seconds. Workplace efficiency is the driving principle at PensionPro so when it came to creating PensionPro 2.0, the team believed that they could reduce that number by improving the UI/UX of their product. Bill Renninger, Chief Product Officer, explained “We know that our users spend a lot of their workday in the PensionPro system, so we had to give them a user experience that they both enjoy and accelerates their operational abilities.” Beta user Lindsay confirmed the team’s goal had been met by pointing out that “the ability to customize is even better. It’s been extremely helpful to be able to determine the default tabs I want visible and having a default worktray. It prevents a lot of extra clicks each day.”

    The new interfaces were designed to feel familiar but at the same time new and exciting. “We know change is hard, so we had to minimize the learning curve for all users when it comes to PensionPro 2.0,” Bill describes. This was achieved by creating a feedback loop between power users and the PensionPro design and development teams. He furthers, “active feedback to inform the new product was key and I believe users across the country will be thrilled when they see it.” Beta user Carmen says that her favorite features are the “display and ease of navigation between tasks.” At her firm, PensionPro is the keystone of their operations and putting PensionPro 2.0 in action was critical. “Anything we can do to get a leg up on new developments is beneficial.”

    It is already clear with beta user Lindsay that she has a favorite version, too. “There are a lot of similarities between the two which is helpful, but I find it easier to navigate in the web version. I feel as though I’m able to access a lot more from one screen without having to click multiple times to get where I want to be.” Carmen makes her winning pick with an even simpler summation, “it is better spatially and has better functionality.”

    To understand the transitional customer journey, we asked beta users Lindsay and Carmen to share their feelings about moving from the old version to PensionPro 2.0. Lindsay explains, “I have found it to be very user-friendly since the beginning. The constant releases and updates have continually made it easier to work in the application. Due to the new ways of reassigning tasks, merging documents, data deletion, editing data, and searching, I now dread having to open the desktop application on the occasions that it is needed.” Carmen was even happier about the changes, “I found it very easy to transition. I never had reservations and the continued improvements only make it that much better.”

    At PensionPro, we believe that change is the only constant. What people probably don’t know is that we are always making improvements behind the scenes to the software. Now we can deploy these into the hands of our users much faster. We believe this transition will enable us to take our user’s suggestions and make them live at an infinitely faster pace.

    We hope you check out PensionPro 2.0 at the upcoming sneak-peek demo. Sign up here.