Never Stop Learning

Innovation, education, and collaboration have long been pillars of PensionPro’s mission. We now bring them to life in a new and interactive way. We offer a wide range of education and training options to help the TPA community interact both virtually and face-to-face with PensionPro staff, industry experts, and their peers.


Software Training

Training offerings cover a range of topics and user proficiency levels, so there is something for everyone in your firm. Free, On-Demand courses are designed for new users to learn basic functionality of PensionPro features and modules. They’re also great for refresher training! Proficient users should opt for our premium courses, where advanced topics, such as best practices and system optimization, are the focus.


Activate the PROPASS and enable every member of your company to access and attend as many training sessions as they need.

Registration Fee
(Per-Session Pricing Also Available)

Cyber Security Training

Our technology, operations, and insurance experts will guide you through interactive sessions to make your company more secure. By the end of this training series you will have tangible operations, policy, and training documents that you can instantly apply to your business. Act now to join your peers in becoming more cyber-resilient.

PensionPro Business tier users receive a 25% discount.

Employee Training

(Open To All)

Many cyber insurance policies require security training twice a year to ensure coverage in the event of a breach. We are offering two training sessions conducted by our security team to educate all TPA professionals.

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(Per-Session Pricing Also Available)

Management Training

(Open to Owners and Management Only)

Security initiatives must start from the top down which is why we have created a six part training series for managers of TPA firms. These sessions are open to all TPA firms not just PensionPro clients.

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(Per-Session Pricing Also Available)