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    Ben Henry & Dalton Deluca

    QRPS has always made security a priority. The firm is one of PensionPro’s heaviest users of secure file transfer, sending and receiving more than 9,000 files in 2016. The firm actively looks for ways to improve data sharing. “We have always had some form of secure data transfer in place,” said Ben Henry, Director of Advisor Services at QRPS. “It’s important to us and our clients. We use it throughout our sales and operations processes.”

    QRPS uses PensionPro’s secure file transfer through PlanSponsorLink as the most effective way to be secure. “Our advisors are linked into it and they can easily upload confidential or sensitive documents, plan statements, census data, and any documents related to switching plans over — all without having to create a secure file email or separate password,” Henry explained.

    The firm also uses secure file transfer to gather information from prospects and return profit sharing scenarios. Once a contact is loaded into PensionPro’s CRM, the user can send and receive files securely. And unique to many TPAs, QRPS conducts payroll contribution processing. “Most clients use Excel sheets loaded with social security numbers,” said Dalton DeLuca, Plan Consultant at QRPS. “They need to send those securely.”

    QRPS has also found that using PensionPro’s system improves the efficiency of year-end projects. “We’re not having to request a census file for the whole year,” said Henry. “We have all of the info we need, it’s already in the system and calculated, and we can start running those tests and moving toward the 5500.”

    “PensionPro’s secure file transfer is very efficient,” added DeLuca. “It aligns with where we see the industry heading with web-based, remote access to everything we do.”