PensionPro Team streamlines your internal operations and increases profitability through consolidation and organization. Gone are the days of layers and layers of spreadsheets, instead – track and manage your team effectively from one system.


Centralize client, plan and contact information for full access to your data. The CRM feature captures all of the information in one unified space, while allowing full access to critical information. Enhance customer service and increase efficiency by managing relationships and data with ease.


Track and manage annual administration deadlines effectively. Data collection, testing and filing deadlines are stored in detailed reports to ensure a clear audit trail.

Blast Email

Customize your content, recipient list and merge in pertinent information with the blast email tool. Design your own HTML templates to create a customized, organized and effective form of client communication. Click send for a paper trail, without the paper.


Good data is only good if it’s measureable. Team provides full access to your stored data, when you need it and how you need it with built-in reports.


Stay connected when you’re on-the-go. Check on items, assign duties and more from your smartphone or tablet.

Available Add-Ons

Boost the power of Team and take your firm to the next level with these available add-ons.


Our intuitive sales dashboard tracks prospects and proposals in real-time. Track phone calls and emails, create targeted email blasts, and more. Know who’s influencing your business and empower your sales team. SalesPitch connects seamlessly with PensionPro via the one-step conversion tool to turn a proposal into plan.


PensionPro’s companioned website, plansponsorlink, allows your contacts to send and receive their information securely and electronically. The user-friendly portal tracks progress within PensionPro and is customized to your brand, working seamlessly with your existing website.

Benefit Insights

Benefit Insights by PensionPro streamlines how your firm is perceived. Utilizing our website and newsletter services, both current and future clients will see you as being at the top of your game. Your firm will be the only one they want to do business with.